Maryland and Texas Governors Cross Swords on CNN

Sep 19, 2013

Governor Rick Perry (R-Tx) and Governor Martin O'Malley (D-Md) on Crossfire
Credit CNN

There was a face off on CNN’s Crossfire between Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Governor Rick Perry.

The Texas Republican has been running ads criticizing Maryland’s business environment and inviting businesses to move to the Lone Star state.

Perry charged that Maryland lost 47-thosuand jobs in July while Texas created over 18-thousand.

But O’Malley fired back noting that the state tops the nation for median income while Texas comes in at 25th.

In addition, he noted that Texas is tied for last place with Mississippi for people who have jobs that pay minimum or less than minimum wage.

Perry’s $500 million television and radio ad campaign against Maryland is just one of several he is carrying out against other states.