Lawmakers Question Oil Tanker Safety for Delaware City Refinery

Mar 27, 2014

Delaware City Refinery
Credit PBF Energy

DOVER, Del. (AP) - State lawmakers are working to ensure that a sharp increase in rail shipments of oil to Delaware comes with adequate safety and response measures.

Members of the House Energy Committee quizzed industry officials Wednesday on safety and inspections standards for tanker cars bringing oil shipments to the Delaware City refinery, and for the tracks that carry the tankers.

Lawmakers also heard from state and local emergency response officials regarding their ability to respond to a tanker derailment or fire.

Crude oil shipments by rail have increased dramatically in the United States in recent years.

PBF Energy brings crude oil by train from various sources, including tar sands oil from Canada and oil fields in North Dakota, to a new rail loop it built near the Delaware City refinery.