Kent County Community Shaken by Second Murder This Year

Sep 10, 2013

Tony Mozick

The small fishing town of Leipsic in Kent County is reeling from another brutal murder for the second time this year.

The missing remains of Dover resident 19 year old Taylor Owens was found partly burned in a small wooded area just behind a busy road.

Her 21 year old boyfriend Tony Mozick has been charged in the killing.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that many in the town know the Mozick family, which has been there for four generations as crabbers and fishermen.

Mary Ridgley, who lives across the street, told the paper that she did hear the couple fighting.

But another resident Mary Campagnini, who had been friends with the family for years, she just couldn’t believe something like this would happen – especially in such a small town.

And she called the series of events surrounding the death have been more than bizarre.