John Fredericksen Gets Another Term to Head Wicomico County Public Schools

Feb 22, 2012


            Superintendent John Fredericksen will serve another term to head up the Wicomico County public school system.

            But the vote by the school board was not unanimous.

            Members Carolyn Elmore and Don Fitzgerald opposed a second term.

            And several parents, who showed up at the board meeting, also spoke out against him complaining about the meeting being held at night with Fredericksen in the room.

            Board President Ron Willey said members had received many emails both for and against the reappointment.

            Mary Ashanti, president of the Wicomico County NAACP, said she saw no reason why Fredericksen should not be reappointed, because no complaints have been received by the civil rights group.

            Afterward Delmar parent Robin Cox told the Salisbury Daily Times that she was disappointed saying she did not feel respected during the parent meetings with Fredericksen and believed that the system should be more open.