Ireton Draws Fire Over Employee's Dismissal

Jul 19, 2013

Council Vice President Laura Mitchell

The firing of assistant city administrator Lore’ Chambers by Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton may have violated the city charter.

That’s the conclusion of Council Vice President Laura Mitchell who is normally an ally of the mayor.

She cited a specific provision that lays out the protocol for terminating rank-and-file employees.

She told the Salisbury Daily Times that either an employee is a department head who serves at the advice and consent of the council or they are subject to a department head.

The paper reports that Ireton declined to comment on the story due to a state law that shields government personnel matters.

The Mayor did consult with City Attorney Mark Tilghman on July 12 the day Chambers’ dismissal took place.

Chambers says she plans to fight her dismissal but declined further comment for the paper.

It reports that the key is whether Ireton needed to get a recommendation from a department head before firing chambers who has worked for the city since 2004.

But the paper reports that Ireton said on Monday that he did not need to do that with Chambers because she answers to him.