Hopes for New Way to Process Chicken Manure

Feb 24, 2014

MD Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance
Credit msa.md.gov

There could be some good news for handling chicken manure.

A Berlin-based company says it has a process that can remove phosphates from chicken waste.

And company officials hope to get a prototype facility operating by the end of the summer at a local farm.

The effort got the endorsement of Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance, who told reporters at a ground breaking ceremony last week, if this works it could revolutionize the poultry industry.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the pilot project is located on a chicken farm outside Pocomoke City where methane gas would be extracted from the waste to be used in a power generator.

The Planet Found Energy Development plant could generate 26 kilowatts of energy from 15-hundred tons of chicken manure.