High Insurance Premiums in Delaware Under Obama Care

Jun 18, 2014

Credit creative commons

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Federal officials say Delawareans who are getting subsidies for health care insurance under the Affordable Care Act are getting an average monthly tax credit of $263.

But figures released Wednesday also show that the 81 percent of enrollees in Delaware's health insurance exchange are paying the third-highest average monthly premium in the country after tax credits are figured in.

Delaware's average monthly subsidized premium is $130, with only New Jersey and North Dakota having higher average premiums.

Nationwide, the average monthly premium after tax credits in 36 states with federally facilitated insurance markets is $82.

For those selecting "silver level" plans, the most popular option among the various coverage options available, Delaware's average monthly subsidized premium is $103, compared to the national average of $69.