Hebron Congregation Mourns Loss of Pre-Revolutionary Church

Jul 28, 2014

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Destroyed by Fire
Credit Don Rush

This past Sunday the congregation of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church across Route 50 from Hebron gathered in the sight of the burned out shell of their old church built around 240 years ago.

The structure went up in flames last Tuesday.

Yesterday’s service served as an unofficial memorial for the building that was constructed in 1773.

The church had been undergoing renovation with a new roof, shutters and seat cushion for the pews.

There were banquet tables and a makeshift pulpit yesterday as Pastor Ron Knapp talked of the past and the future.

St. Paul Episcopal Church Destroyed in Fire
Credit Don Rush

He noted that many churches had reached out, moved by the history the church represented.

The building suffered around a half million dollars in damage essentially gutting the structure.

The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s office has said it is investigating the cause of the blaze.