Governor Martin O'Malley at Democratic National Convention

Sep 5, 2012


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is urging Democratic Party activists to get fully behind President Barack Obama in the next two months.

O'Malley is chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and is considered a likely 2016 presidential contender. He spoke Wednesday morning at a breakfast with Iowa delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

O'Malley says delegates "saw America" in the diverse crowd on the convention floor Tuesday night. He says the party rejects tea party Republicans "who run on the promise of restoring our economy and then they get into office, they do it by rolling back individual freedoms."

He says the party has 60 days to ensure that Obama is reelected and the country can realize its "greatest promise."


Governor Martin O’Malley sharply criticized Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

During an appearance at the Democratic National Convention last night the Maryland Governor and potential presidential aspirant told the gathering that Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan would take the country back to the era of record job losses.

O’Malley got the 55-hundred Democrats in the hall to chant “forward, not back” although he never mentioned former President Bush’s name under whose watch the current economic downturn began.