Governor Jack Markell Signs Bill to Hike Delaware Minimum Wage

Jan 31, 2014

Credit Don Rush

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Gov. Jack Markell has signed a bill raising Delaware's minimum wage by a dollar over the next two years.

Markell signed the legislation just one hour after it received final legislative approval Thursday.

The new law raises the hourly wage from $7.25 to $7.75 on June 1, and to $8.25 on June 1, 2015.

Markell said the lack of economic mobility is a disturbing trend, and that the law will help a lot of working people.

Supporters say the higher wage will stimulate the economy and help low-income families. Opponents argue it will lead to higher prices that will negatively affect low-wage earners and result in fewer hires.

Lawmakers rejected a Republican amendment allowing businesses to pay 75 percent of the minimum wage to certain employees, including those under 18.