Government Shutdown Hits the Military Families of the Fallen

Oct 9, 2013

Credit creative commons wikimedia

Families of the fallen are now being forced to pay their own way or find unofficial help from generous donors to make the trip to Dover Air Force Base to meet their loved ones who have died in the service of their country.

In addition, they are not being paid the $100-thousand tax-free lump sum meant to help pay for the sudden loss of income, funeral expenses and other unexpected needs.

All of this comes as the result of the government shutdown.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that a defense department official says this has forced many families to make their own arrangements.

While the details remain sketchy, an Army official confirmed to the paper last night that a last-minute intervention by an unknown outside agency has provided funds for the flights and lodging for family members of the four soldiers who were killed October 6th. 

They are expected to arrive in Dover today.

Yesterday, the Fisher House Foundation has said it would provide an advance grant until the federal government provided reimbursements.