GOP Calls Delaware Treasurer's Office "Out of Control"

Nov 6, 2013

Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers
Credit Delaware State Treasurer Website

Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers is coming under attack from Delaware Republicans, who called his office “out of control.”

Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson and Minority Whip Greg Lavelle said they were reacting to a story in the Wilmington News Journal that quoted Flowers as saying that financial records in his office are in disarray or missing.

It was part of Flowers’ explanation for why it was difficult for him to explain travel expenses charged to taxpayers.

The two top state Senate Republicans said they believe Flowers needs help given issue arising from travel expenses for a state Treasurers’ meeting in Alaska.

Flowers has insisted that he did not charge the state for a side trip to national and state parks.

Flowers said yesterday that certain travel documents relating to former him and his Deputy State Treasurer had been missing but have now been found.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that Flowers has suggested the missing documents could lead to a criminal case.

The the paper reports that Attorney General’s office says it is not pursing a criminal matter.