Goodbye, Talk of the Nation...Hello, Hear & Now

Jun 27, 2013

NPR has announced that Talk of the Nation, hosted by Neal Conan, will end production on Thursday June 27, 2013. Science Friday with Ira Flatow will continue.

Beginning on July 1, WSDL  will broadcast Here & Now from 2-4PM  Monday Through Thursday to meet growing audience demand for midday news and analysis. A live production from NPR and WBUR, Boston, in collaboration with public radio stations across the country, Here & Now reflects the fluid world of news as it’s happening, with timely, smart and in-depth news and conversation.

Science Friday listeners, don't worry. Science Friday with Ira Flatow will remain on Fridays from 2-4PM.

And don't miss our newest addition, World Have your Say from the BBC weekdays at 1PM.  World Have Your Say is a global conversation that happens on air and online. This news-driven and dynamic program invites listeners around the globe to share their views and questions on key issues. The hour-long conversation is lively, fresh and fluid.