Gansler: Give Prison Inmates Computer Tablets

Aug 6, 2013

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler
Credit Attorney General Website

Give prison inmate tablet computers.

That’s one proposal by Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler as he fleshes out ideas for reducing the number of ex-offenders who return to prison.

Maryland’s top law enforcement officer said the proposal would help offenders build education credentials and social support before they leave prison.

The tablets, he said, would also allow limited and monitored email access so that inmates could keep in touch with their families.

It’s just one element of a 10-part plan for bringing ex-felons back into their community.

The Baltimore Sun reports that statistics found that roughly half of the offenders who are released from state prisons will be back within three years.

Gansler offered up his proposal in Baltimore and is part of a series of sessions he is holding as the attorney general prepares for a run for governor next year.