Four Judges in the Running for Top Delaware Court Job

Nov 12, 2013

Leo Strine Jr, Chief Judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery

There are four Democrats now being considered for chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court.

With Delaware home to more than half of the publicly traded companies in the United States it seen as the most influential judicial jobs in corporate America.

While the selection process is confidential, the Wilmington News Journal reports, sources close to the process provided the names of those who submitted applications to the Judicial Nominating Commission.

They are Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Berger, Chief Judge of the Delaware Court of Chancery Leo Strine, President Judge of the Delaware Superior Court James Vaughn and Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden.

The names first surfaced in Delaware Law Weekly.

Of the four, the News Journal reports that the 49 year old Strine is considered the odds-on favorite by legal and political observers.

The paper reports says his appointment is believed to be so likely that other viable candidates such as Delaware Supreme Court Justices Randy Holland and jack Jacobs did not put their names forth.

The appointment is for 12 years and will oversee the state’s $1.4 billion annual corporate franchise.