Fisker Makes Big Bet on new Hybrid to be Made in Delaware

Apr 3, 2012


            In New York tonight Fisker Automotive is unveiling its biggest bet yet.

            It’s known as Project Nina which involves the gas and electric powered hybrid that is seen as the make or break model for the car company.

            For Delaware and the former General Motors assembly plant near Newport which is gearing up for production of the car known as the Atlantic this may be a key to the First State’s future.

            Fisker said that if it can sell 100-thousand of the family sedans it could support 2-thousand jobs at its facility in the old GM plant which closed 3 years ago.

            The Wilmington News Journal reports that the state of Delaware has provided funds for some of Fisker’s retrofitting at the factory that has been put on hold since the US Department of Energy held up the next installment of a government loan.

            Negotiations have been ongoing to get the money flowing again while Fisker is seeking more private financing if talks fall through.