Firefly Festival Goes Off Smoothly

Jun 23, 2014

Credit Firefly Festival Website

This weekend’s Firefly Music Festival drew some 80-thousand people.

That’s about the same as the number at the event in Tennessee.

There were around 110 musical acts with fans spread out over 300 acres during the four day festival.

Only minor traffic problems were reported.

Dover police said there were a few arrests for disorderly conduct but no major issues.

As the sunset last night the feel-good acoustic act of Jack Johnson sang Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” on the main stage.

Among the highlights the Imagine Dragons returned two years after becoming a breakout musical group.

Outkast pulled a headliner show on Saturday celebrating the group’s 20th anniversary of its first album.

And Foo Fighters finished off Friday night with an impromptu five-song set of covers.