Fiance' Expected to Testify in Arson Trial for Tonya Bundick

Jan 10, 2014


Next week the fiancé of Tonya Bundick is expected to take the stand in her arson case that resulted from the series of fires that hit around 70 structures in Accomack County over several months in 2011 and 2012.

Alan Zaleski, Bundick’s attorney, said that he did not want statements Charles Smith made to the police entered into evidence at the trial in which she faces two charges – that of arson and conspiracy to commit arson.

The judge denied Zaleski’s motion but ruled that any statements that Charles Smith has made to police outside of the courtroom was hearsay and that Smith would have to take the stand in court.

Bundick’s attorney noted that his client has made no statements and that there was no evidence such as fingerprints or DNA.

He added it’s one person’s word against another.

Bundick also faces 62 additional counts of arson at a later second trial.