Extreme Makeover: 5 hours until the dream home is revealed

Oct 5, 2011

The original Johnson-Goslee House, that sat on Old School Road in Sharptown was 80 years old. It housed a family of four-Aunt Sonora Goslee,  Mother Patrice Goslee and her kids Wyzhir and Renee Johnson.

            Today that house is gone, and the Johnson-Goslee family was to see their new home tonight during a reveal for the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

            The old house had many problems and didn’t meet modern-day standards. It had an above-ground,uneven foundation, had ceilings that were 2 feet shorter than the average, and did not have working toilets or showers.

            Recognizing the structural issues of the home, 16-year-old Wyzhir attempted to complete repairs with his grandfather on Christmas Eve in 2010. His act of kindness turned tragic when a miter saw severed his left hand.

            Friends and family say that Whyzheer is a helpful, self-less person.

            Wyzheer’s grandmother-Adrienne Gerard-

            SOUND: “Whyzir is the type of person too, that if he can help you do something, Whyzir is going to be there to do it. And if you ask him he says "Show me what you want and step back and I'll fix it.""

            Even with their setbacks, the family remained positive. Their small community recognized the family’s struggles and when the Johnson-Goslee family was announced as the winner of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the community showed their support through volunteering on the renovation.

            People from all over Maryland came to help, every age and every color was represented during the 7 day build.

            Kathy Woodsworth and her 11-year-old son Nathan Truitt, boarded the shuttle bus that takes volunteers from Sharptown Carnival to the site of the build.

            “I’ve been volunteering everyday since Thursday, pulling-14, anywhere between 12 to 16 hour days. Today I've got my little man with me, and he's as happy as a lark. ”

            Those grueling hours were completed by many volunteers, who say that the sacrifice is well worth it.

            Megan Ring, a Salisbury University student, was on site today and had been volunteering for 3 days.

            SOUND: “I love helping people and it’s a good way to give back to the community. ”

            A community, which residents refer to as “San Domingo”, that could use some attention. Locals said that many homes are old and in need of repair, which some homes on Old School Road have gotten, since the Extreme Makeover team had to make plumbing and electrical modifications to the street for the new home.

            One local, Patrick expresses this thought-

            “I think it's a good thing that their down here because I know this is a depressed area, and they've got a lot of homes in dis-repair down here…like I said this is an area that could use a lot of-(it's beautiful). They could use it, they could use everything their getting down here. I think it's great."

            While the new house, which boasts a two-story, modern facade and has a garden and a playground, will be revealed to the family this evening…Adrienne Gerard remembers where the Johnson-Goslee family came from.

            SOUND: ”And the house that they tore down, is the house that I grew up in-it was sad, I mean, because we just started remembering all the memories we had in the house, and I miss the old house, but to see this new home go up, is just amazing. I'm just beside myself , it's no words to explain it-can't wait til they get home to see this."

            The matriarch of the Johnson-Goslee family is hopeful for the future of her family and expresses her gratitude.

            “And I just want to thank all the volunteers, I have family that volunteered, and just everybody who came in here and volunteered, I just want to thank everybody and may God bless them all, because this is just amazing. I mean just happening to a small community like San Domingo, we never dreamed anything like this would happen here, but we are-everyone here is just blessed, and I know I am.”