Extra Money for Classroom Supplies in Wicomico School Budget

Jun 27, 2012

Teachers will get a little extra money for classroom materials and supplies in the 2013 fiscal year budget approved by the Wicomico County school board.

The extra $80-thousand came after teachers turned out for a county budget hearing and told of spending personal funds on supplies.

The County increased its contribution by $580-thousand making the total $37-million.

Comptroller Bruce Ford noted that millions of dollars in federal education job funds were used to balance the budget this year but added they are disappearing.

Finally, outgoing board member Michelle Wright said that she appreciated the hard work in developing the budget but could not support it because of revenue sources such as student fees for extracurricular activities.

Board member Don Fitzgerald abstained from voting on the spending plan citing a family member employed by the district who would benefit from the budget.