Exemption From State Fire Sprinker Mandate Extended in Wicomico County

Aug 9, 2012

The Wicomico County Council has extended the exemption for new one-and-two family dwellings from the state fire sprinkler mandate through 2015.

Council members have expressed concern about houses that are dependent on wells.

The Council voted 6-to-1 this week even though the modular housing industry says this would continue an uneven playing field.

In addition the Maryland State Fire Marshal William Barnard urged the council members to require the fire sprinklers because fires attack a home in a more dangerous way than in the past.

Council member Sheree Sample-Hughes was the only dissenting vote.

She said that she was doing so because she said, “I do understand the value of saving lives.”

Last year the council voted the exemption from the state mandate but had to vote again this year after the Maryland General Assembly approved another measure which made it more difficult for counties to opt out.