Emmissions from Delaware City Refinery

Feb 14, 2012



            There was a second day of sulfur dioxide gas emissions from the Delaware City Refinery…as the company carried out an emergency flare burnoff.

            Yesterday’s problems…hit the plant’s catalytic cracking unit…which produces more than 80-thosuand barrels-per-day of gasoline from partially refined crude oil.

            PBF Energy spokeswoman Lisa Lindsay…told the Wilmington News Journal…that the unit failed during maintenance preparations.

            Normal service resumed yesterday shortly after 4 pm.

            The problem began on Sunday in the plant’s coking unit and sent odors…soot and other pollutants blowing across Delaware City…resulting in a many complaints by residents.

            Sulfur dioxide is a respiratory irritant…that that shows up in smog…and has been connected to acid rain and toxic soot.