Easton Town Council Approves Mandatory Recycling

Feb 24, 2012

    With an ordinance that was passed this week, Easton residents could participate in a mandatory recycling program by mid-summer.
    The Easton Town Council passed Ordinance 589 in a 4 to 0 vote. Council Member Len Wendowski abstained from voting, saying that he was concerned that the recycling fees are open-ended. The Town has not settled on a fee for the service, as a contractor has not been selected, but current estimates set the fee at $6.00 per month per residence.
    The Town will provide the recycling containers for the once a week, single-stream service, which means all recyclable material can be placed in the same container.
    Town officials say residents who do not recycle, will not be issued fines, and the recycling fees will be placed on annual tax bills.
    The curbside recycling could begin as soon as July 1, 2012, which is the start of the town's fiscal year.