Eastern Shore Legislators Not Keen on Splitting State Teach Pension Costs With Counties

Feb 21, 2012


            Governor Martin O’Malley’s proposal to divide the costs of teachers pension funds between the state and local governments is getting a thumbs down from Eastern Shore legislators.

            But…they do expect there will be a compromise that would be phased in.

            The measure would place $239 million in pension costs onto the state’s 23 counties and Baltimore City.

            Delegate Norm Conway told the Salisbury Daily Times that he expects at some point…the counties will become a partner with the state on teacher pensions.

            The Worcester Democrat…who chairs the House Appropriations Committee says he has not heard anything yet about the details.

            Meanwhile, State Senator Rich Colburn said that many counties would be left with no choice but to raise taxes in order to absorb the cost.

            The Wicomico Republican also told the paper that the Eastern Shore counties were not the problem when it comes to the escalating cost of teacher pensions.