Eastern Shore: Just Shy of Emergency Drought Level

Aug 8, 2012

With a state drought warning in effect the Maryland Eastern Shore is just one level below a full blown emergency that would lead to mandatory water restrictions.

Salisbury is 10 inches below normal with the 95 degree temperatures hitting the corn crop hard.

Worcester County Commissioner Virgil Shockley told the Salisbury Daily Times that he believes that half of his country's corn crop is doomed.

The Worcester county farmer says some his corn just hasn’t pollinated because of the heat.

And some uninsured farmers could lose as much as $400 an acre while those who are insured are still facing a losing proposition.  

Lee Richardson another farmer in Willards told the paper he expected to lose around half of his corn crop.

However, many of his Midwestern counterparts are losing it all.

Shockley adds consumers should feel the heat next with higher grain prices hitting increased poultry and livestock producers.