DuPont Provides Biggest Corp. Donation To UD Lab

Aug 22, 2012

The DuPont Company is donating $5 million to the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Lab on the University of Delaware campus in Newark.

It is the largest corporate contribution the lab has seen.

In exchange the facility will be called the DuPont Science Learning Center.

In addition, Monica Taylor, vice president for development and alumni relations, said another $10 million contribution will come from a UD graduate.

That would be the largest from an individual who wished not to be identified. 

Taylor says the DuPont gift brings the total fundraising for the Lab to $34 million.

She says she is hoping to raise another $22 million with the remaining $76 million coming from excess operating revenue.

In the summer of 2010 the University of Delaware broke ground on the $132 million the facility.