Demolition Funds for Linens of the Week Property Approved in Salisbury

May 15, 2012



The Salisbury City Council gave its approval last night to a funding proposal that will cover the remaining demolition costs of the Linens of the Week property.

The unanimous vote to okay this year’s action plan for a Community Development Block Grant came during its regular meeting but not without some fireworks.

Council Vice President Debbie Campbell told her colleagues that she still opposed the city’s ownership of the property as well as the use of the Block Grant money.

She wanted the city to find other sources of funds and called the outcome disappointing and frustrating.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that City Administrator John Pick said…that demolition-specific funding does not exist.

Mayor Jim Ireton accused Campbell of grandstanding after she asked the Director of Internal Services Gerry Moore to list the members of the Grant Review Committee.

The membership included Louise Smith the former Council President who voted for city to accept the property while on the council.