Democrat Cheryl Everman to Challenge Senator Rich Colburn

Jun 6, 2013

Cheryl Everman, Democratic candidate for 37th Maryland Senate Seat

Cheryl Everman has become the first candidate for Maryland’s 37 state Senate seat that runs across Dorchester County and into the lower portions of Talbot and Caroline Counties.

The Democratic hopeful is the mother of four children who have served in the Navy and Marine Corps and she wants to make military and veterans issues a focus of her campaign. 

She said her daughter is a disabled veteran from the first Gulf War.

In addition, she said she wants to make infrastructure needs a top priority noting that many of the bridges and road are in need of repair.

Everman has been active for around 10 years in mid-Shore political activities including the Dorchester County Central Committee.

If she wins the Democratic Primary she will most likely face incumbent Republican Rich Colburn.

(See: Salisbury Daily Times)