Delmarva Hit With Light Snow Fall

Feb 26, 2014

Downtown Salisbury
Credit Erin McKibben

The snow continues to fall across Delmarva.

But, so far, there has been no accumulation.

Officials warn that could change with an expected forecast of 1-t-2 inches today

Work crews with hundreds of plows from the Delaware Department of Transportation have been out since early this morning applying salt and sand on the roads.

DelDOT says it has enough salt stockpiled throughout the state.

13-thousand tons are normally used for a snow event of six inches.

Keeping the Salt

No sharing.

That’s what the Delaware Department of Transportation says when it comes to the salt it has left over from the winter snows this year.

It has already used 77-thousand tons while other states like New Jersey has used 442-thousand and are close to running out.

DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff said the state must save the salt it has for potential storms as the winter months play out.

Transportation officials tell WBOC that there is only enough salt left for around two more big snowfalls.

Meanwhile, New Jersey is expected shipments in the near future.