Delay for Allen Harim Deboning Facility in Millsboro

Apr 17, 2018

Credit Allen Harim website

There’s been a month’s delay in plans by Allen Harim for a deboning operation in Millsboro.

The company has put forward plans for the former Vlasic pickle plant to turn a 50-thousand square feet of space into a small deboning facility.

The Sussex County Board of Adjustment decided to postpone a decision again yesterday after members of the community expressed their concern about the operation.

WBOC reports that local resident Keith Steck said he was worried about the health impact but added that postponing the vote on the project was the best outcome for the moment.

The television station said that Allen Harim declined to comment on Monday’s postponement.

The company has said the deboning operation would create 165 jobs.

Another board vote is scheduled for May 7th.