Delaware to Unveil Plans to Mitigate Impact of Sea Level Rise

Sep 14, 2012

Today Delawareans will get a series of proposals to fend off the impact of sea-level rise on the coastline.

The plans developed by Delaware Bay Beach Work group come with a price tag ranging from 1.6 million to $200 million over the next thirty years.

The group plans to meet this morning at 10 am in Legislative Hall in Dover to review the costs and benefits.

The report found that 8-to-11 percent of the state’s land area could be flooded by the end of the century.

That would affect 3-thousand to 17-thousand homes as well as inundate as much as nearly 500 miles of roads and bridges.

Delmarva Public Radio took a look at what the town of Lewes, Delaware has been doing as it confronts the problem of sea level rise.