Delaware Senators on Cybersecurity and Trade

Feb 22, 2013

Delaware’s Senators were busy this week.

Senator Tom Carper (D-De)
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Senator Tom Carper

Reacting to a new White House report on the growing threat of Chinese cyber hacking, Democrat Tom Carper called it the biggest threat to the country’s economic recovery.

He said that the US need a better offense that includes standards for best practices in order to protect intellectual property.

Senator Chris Coons (D-De)
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Senator Chris Coons

Meanwhile, the junior senator from Delaware Chris Coons was in Cape Town South Africa on a trade mission.

He told WDEL radio that he has been meeting with agricultural officials to expand their exports to the Port of Wilmington creating more jobs for longshoremen and others at there.

In addition, he said he was talking with South African leaders in an effort to expand the market for more products from the First State.