Delaware Reaches Deal With Insurance Carrier to Extend Health Care Policies

Nov 21, 2013

Credit Delaware ACA website logo

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware officials have reached a tentative agreement with one insurance carrier that could allow policyholders facing cancellations because of the Affordable Care Act to keep their policies for the time being.

Officials announced the tentative agreement Wednesday but did not identify the carrier.

The Department of Insurance is continuing discussions with other carriers about allowing policyholders to renew policies that don't comply with the federal health care law.

President Obama last week proposed allowing millions of people who have received cancellation notices to renew individual coverage plans. Industry spokesmen and some state insurance commissioners have warned that such renewals could lead to higher prices.

Delaware officials said last week that some 12,000 Delawareans have received cancellation notices, while only 136 residents had enrolled in the state's new health insurance exchange.