A Delaware Prison Still Grappling with Flu Outbreak

Mar 8, 2016

Credit creative commons

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - An outbreak of the flu continues at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, where the Department of Corrections has recently reported seven new cases of the virus.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Chelsea Hicks says that the number of inmates confirmed to have the Influenza A virus has risen to 41 confirmed cases. Three offenders remain housed in the infirmary.

On Feb. 24, officials said six inmates had fallen ill while 40 others were being monitored. The number of cases rose to 37 last week, with an additional 18 inmates being monitored.

As a precaution, the prison canceled most activities including visits, volunteer programs, commissary and others. However, Hicks says the prison may begin reinstituting programs soon as the number of new cases dwindles.