Delaware Meeting Revised Federal Goals for ACA Sign Ups

Apr 10, 2014


DOVER, Del. (AP) - State officials will provide an update on enrollment in Delaware's health insurance exchange under the federal Affordable Care Act.

As the open enrollment period for this year expired late last month, officials said Delaware already had met and exceeded a federal target of 8,000 enrollments.

Officials planned to provide more exact figures and demographic data on enrollees to the state health care commission on Thursday.

State officials initially had hoped to enroll 35,000 of the roughly 90,000 uninsured Delawareans for coverage under the ACA, but federal officials set a much lower benchmark last fall.

Even so, state officials have said they have no way of knowing how many enrollees were previously uninsured, even though the central premise of the Affordable Care Act was to help uninsured people buy health insurance.