Delaware Lawmakers Expected to Lower Worker's Comp Ins. Rates

May 16, 2014

Legislative Hall
Credit dover.delaware.state

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware lawmakers are expected to act quickly on recommendations from a state task force aimed at lowering workers' compensation insurance rates.

The task force presented lawmakers a report Thursday calling for workers compensation medical costs to be trimmed by 33 percent over the next three years.

The report calls health care providers to gradually curtail their rates as they move from a current fee-for-service structure to a Medicare rate-based reimbursement formula.

The task force is also recommending that the maximum reimbursement for workers' compensation treatment be no more than 200 percent of the Medicare reimbursement, with exceptions allowing higher reimbursements for radiology and surgery.

Task force members and lawmakers say the changes will help businesses in Delaware remain competitive while ensuring coverage for workers injured on the job.