Delaware Democrat Returns Campaign Contributions

Aug 28, 2012

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The Delaware Democratic Party's endorsed candidate for insurance commissioner is returning more than $7,000 in political contributions to ensure compliance with campaign finance laws.

Mitch Crane's campaign told elections officials Monday that it will return $7,200 to several limited liability companies associated with New York real estate magnate Leonard Litwin.

The Crane campaign previously refunded $300 each to seven LLCs because their $1,500 checks exceeded the $1,200 limit.

But compliance questions remained because of a law that considers donations from a business entity in which a person owns an interest of 50 percent or more to be subject to limits on individual contributions.

Campaign manager Brian Boyle said Crane was returning all but $1,200 because the campaign has been unable to establish the stakeholders and percentage interest in the LLCs.