Crisfield Candidates Debate Taxes

Jun 12, 2014

Crisfield Dock
Credit crisfield website

Taxes took center stage at a forum for candidates in Crisfield’s municipal elections.

Around 70 people showed up at the meeting where most candidates said they opposed the concept of a split tax rate that would provide a lower rate for owner-occupied houses.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the candidates for Mayor and city council said they believed the 17 cent property tax increase was far more equitable.

But mayoral candidate Irving Saltz and council candidate Jordan Bo Joyner said they opposed that recent tax hike.

Meanwhile, city council member Kim Lawson who is seeking the mayor’s office told the audience that the city had not choice with the decline in revenues.

Cynthia Freeman. a council candidate, noted that most property owns will not have to pay more because of the decline in property value assessments.

There are five candidates for mayor and six for the three city council seats.