Could Punkin Chunkin Championship Leave First State?

Nov 5, 2013

Credit Punkin Chunkin website

Just as Punkin Chunkin wrapped up its 2013 contest with a record shot of over 46-hundred feet the president of the non-profit group that runs the events is worried that it might have to move out of Delaware after this year.

John Huber, president of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association, says he’s concerned about the insurance liability and bills from the state and local government.

He told the Salisbury Daily Times that he would like to keep the event in the First State but these two issues must be resolved.

As a result, Huber says Governor Jack Markell’s office has become in involved.

One proposal is to offer owners of Wheatley Farms where the pumpkin competition takes place a liability limit in any lawsuits.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Sussex County hiked the cost of providing services such as traffic control and paramedic coverage.

Huber said that if these two issues are ironed out the event can stay where it began almost 30 years ago.