Commutation Requests Before Governor Maryland Governor

Mar 7, 2012


      ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland's governor will consider commuting the sentences of two Maryland inmates serving life in prison for murder.

     A public notice of the possible commutation was published Wednesday on page 19 of The Daily Record. The notice says that an application for commutation has been requested for Mark Farley Grant and for Tamara Settles. Grant was sentenced in 1984 for felony murder in Baltimore that occurred when he was 14. Settles was convicted of felony murder in 1985, even though she was not the person who shot the victim in Prince George's County.

     Gov. Martin O'Malley's chief legal counsel says the administration intends to make a decision on the commutations by the end of March. The notice is signed by Maryland's Secretary of State, John McDonough.