Colin Maier: Oboe Acrobat

Nov 14, 2012

Colin Maier

Colin Maier 

Kara Dahl Russell obviously had a lot of fun interviewing Colin Maier (pronounced MYer).   He has very interesting things to say about music education, creativity and serendipity.  His "path" as an oboe-accrobat has been so unique, and charmed, and his resolve to take the stuffiness out of classical music so good-hearted, that he is a joyous new note in classical music. 

NOTE FOR TEACHERS:  He has a hard-line take on University music programs and how the grading system can beat the creative spirit out of many musicians.  If you have students who are trying to decide between conservatory or university, this could be of particular interest to them.  His entire path is much more that of the “performer” than of just a musician, and for that reason, it should be of great interest to students of musical theatre as well.

 Colin's performance as
the mythic violinist at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics