City of Salisbury Looks For A Few Good Volunteers

May 4, 2012


The City of Salisbury is in need of a few several citizens who can put in some extra, un-paid hours for the purpose of bettering the city.




4 Openings on The Recycling Committee:

  • One opening in the Southeast quadrant          (Ex. College Ave, Wicomico High)
  • Two openings in the Northwest Quadrant     (Ex. Police Station on W. Salisbury Pkwy.)
  • One opening in the Northeast Quadrant         (Ex. North Salisbury)

*The city is divided into four areas based on U.S. 13 Business (on a north-south line) and U.S. 50 (on an east-west line.) 

Members on the Recycling Advisory Committee provide advice and recommendations to the Director of Public Works, Mayor and City Council regarding the development of the City's Recycling Program; and educate citizens on recycling.

2 Openings on The Marina Commission:

Members on The Marina Commission consult on construction, security, parking and fee structures of the Marina.

1 Opening on The City of Salisbury Ethics Commission:

Members on The City of Salisbury Ethics Commission (a total of 5) devise and review disclosure forms, provide advisory opinions, and make determinations on ethics complaints.

3 Openings on The City Park Committee:

Members on The City Park Committee advise on Mayor and Salisbury City Council on development needed at the City Park and accept donations for City Park improvement.

3 Openings on The Central City District Commission (CCDC):

Members of the CCDC advise the Mayor and City Council on parking matters, bond financing, tax rates and property acquisition.

1 Opening on The City of Salisbury Election Board:

Members (who must be qualified voters) hear voter eligibility appeals from the Election Adminstration.

The City Council determines if compensation will be designated.

An undetermined amount of openings on The Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee: 

Members  of the Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee advise the Mayor and City Council on short-term and long-term solutions needed to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety in the City and outside City limits.

All openings require an applicant to submit a letter of interest with a written description of qualifications (or resume) to:

Office of the Mayor 

125 N. Division Street, Room 304

Salisbury, MD 21801-4940

The deadline is Thursday, May 17, 2012.