Citizens' Concerns Over Wind Turbine Ordinance in Somerset County

Mar 7, 2012


            There are just a few days left for public input on the proposed wind turbine legislation in Somerset County.

            And residents are expressing concerns…that range from health issues to the impact on wildlife.

            Resident Tammy Truitt said she was concerned about health issues like the noise…that can affect sleep.

            Truitt pointed to a Website for National Wind Watch which listed problems like insomnia, headaches and nausea that have been reported by people who claim they live near wind turbines.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that last month a state-appointed panel in Massachusetts found no serious health risks associated with living near wind turbines.

            The paper added that the panel did express concern that the sound generated by the wind mills could be annoying or result in sleep deprivation.  

            But John Congendo, president of AC Wind says that rumors about wind turbine syndrome have not been substantiated and that wind power has been misunderstood in some areas.