Change Considered in Wilmington Police Leadership After Record Shootings

Dec 4, 2013

Mayor Dennis Williams
Credit Wilmington Website

Mayor Dennis Williams says he’s ready to make major changes in the leadership of Wilmington’s police department as the city faces a record number of shootings.

His comments came just as the city saw two more murders in recent days.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that some City Council members said they believed he might just dismiss his handpicked chief Christine Dunning.

Williams, a former city police detective, said in a Tuesday appearance on WDEL-AM that he takes ultimate responsibility but that he'll "be looking for new leadership" if crime doesn't start going down.

Williams told the radio station that he met with police leaders on Monday and "told them this just can't go on any longer."

When the News Journal reached Dunning by phone she told the paper that she was in a meeting with the Mayor but said that since it was confidential she could not comment.

The 27-year old Dunning said that during her tenure the department had put in place a plan to deal with crime and has created police strategies for each neighborhood.