Call for Cap on Comp Time for Newark City Superivosrs

Mar 6, 2012


            Thirty-four non-union managers in the City of Newark have racked up 40 weeks of comp time.

            In 2010 they totaled 39 weeks.

            These jobs include duties ranging from committee meetings that are held in the evening to recreation and special events that fall on weekends. 

            Acting City Manager Carol Houck who accrued 139 hours told the Wilmington News Journal that she practically lived at work during the reservoir project a few years ago.

            Mayor Vance Funk told the Wilmington News Journal that he wants to cap accrued comp time…at 80 hours or about two weeks and require supervisory approval for extra hours.

            The public sector generally provides comp time rather than overtime for managers and others in supervisory positions that are exempt from the overtime provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.