Bill Delaying Somerset County Wind Project Could Face Governor's Veto

Mar 28, 2014


Legislation to delay the wind project in Somerset County could face a veto by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley as the state Senate prepares to take up the bill next week.

That's according to Mike Tidwell, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network during a teleconference with reporters yesterday.

"We don’t expect the bill to get to his desk to begin with, but if it does one would assume he being a vigorous opponent of the bill would be facing the prospect of a possible veto."

Opponents argue that the 600 foot wind mills would interfere with the radar at the Naval Air Station on the Patuxent River.

So, they want a 15 month delay to study the issue even though an agreement has been reached between the Defense Department and Green Pioneer, which is building the wind farm.

Supporters of the delay include House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer from Southern Maryland, while state Senator Jim Mathias backs the measure.

Tidwell with Chesapeake Climate Action Network says,"We believe it is patently unfair that one part of the state can economically harm so greatly another part of the state in fact the poorest part of the state, the Lower Eastern Shore."

Mary Anne Peterman, a farmer and retired teacher on the Eastern Shore expressed resent during yesterday's conference call.

"I think this bill sets a bad precedent and leads us down a slippery slope when one part of the state can control another."