Beata Moon

Sep 25, 2012

Kara Dahl Russell says, “I believe that Beata is a prime example of both where classical music is now, and definitely of where classical music is going.” Beata Moon was a child prodigy, went to Juliard, then paused to re-evaluate her place in music and it’s place in her life.  The result was a turn to composition.  Her work is inventive and fresh, as is her way of approaching the production side of music.  In an extended interview (with some of her music playing underneath) we have a wide ranging discussion of music production, family influences, a musician’s “side gigs” and new definitions in the music world.   This interview would be informative for anyone interested in making music, a life in the arts, and finding out what “crowd sourcing” is all about as a funding tool for music.

Beata Moon's website