After Effects of Hudson Case Still Being Felt

Jan 8, 2013

The effects of the Hudson case involving an effort to tie Perdue Farms to alleged water pollution by one of its growers are still being felt.

That’s despite the fact that the Waterkeeper Alliance and others lost the argument in Federal Court last month.

Worcester County Commissioner Virgil Shockley a chicken grower himself told the Salisbury Daily Times that he runs into a lot of farmers who put their lives on hold while the case was decided.

Robert Mitchell, the Worcester County Environmental Program director, recently said that the lawsuit should make poultry growers more aware of regulations.

He noted that the importance of the educational programs that the judge mentioned in the case carried out in conjunction with the state of Maryland.

Worcester County is ranked 23rd in poultry with the Delmarva region’s poultry industry responsible for 15-thousand jobs and more than $4 billion in revenue.