Chris Ranck

Assoc. Director- Program and Operations Services

Chris Ranck is Delmarva Public Radio's Executive Producer,  Program Director  and  Automation Engineer.

He is the executive producer for Delmarva Today  and audio engineer for  Soundbites on Delmarva.

Chris also is fill-in classical music host and the host of Rule, Britannia and The Show About. 

Ways to Connect

Local insight into the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.

Guests: Dean Kotlowski, History Professor at Salisbury University

Barrie Tilghman, Democrat and former Mayor of Salisbury

Shawn Bradley, with the Republican Party in Wicomico County

also, Amanda Jackson and Kobi Azoulay, Salisbury University Students.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of October 10th , 2016

On today's program, we discuss the issue of "trigger warnings" in classroom discussions of  literature.


James King, Associate Professor of English at Salisbury University

Adam Wood, Department Chair and Associate Professor of English at Salisbury University

This week on our show we will meet realist painter Megan Burak. We will revisit our story about Furnace Town and its long time care taker Sampson Harmon. And Dave Wilson will introduce us to green architect David Quillin.

The opening of Salisbury University is delayed until 10 a.m. due to flooding conditions on campus and the surrounding area. Essential personnel should report to work at their regularly scheduled times. Check the SU website for any updates.

The work on WSCL, 89.5 is complete. Meanwhile, in Roxana, work on WSDL, 90.7  continues.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of October 3rd , 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head in the first presidential debate Monday night.
NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more, is live annotating the debate. Portions of the debate with added analysis are highlighted, followed by context and fact check from NPR reporters and editors.


A bit of a catch up post here.  Aside from a few minor adjustments, WSCL, 89.5 FM is now broadcasting via a Nautel NV20 model transmitter.  Meanwhile, work continues in Roxana on the transmitter for WSDL, 90.7, also a Nautel model.

This week on our show we will meet abstract expressionist artist Barbara Warden. We’ll dip into our archives to hear about the history of a few the lady entrepreneurs in Ocean City, Maryland. And, naturalist Jim Rapp will tell us about Fall birding on Delmarva.

For WSCL, 89.5's transmitter in Seaford, it's "out with the old, in with the new".  The old Broadcast Electronics transmitter, which has been delivering you classical music for 25 years, is being removed to be replaced with a new Nautel transmitter.

The pictures posted here, by the way, come courtesy of Al Waller, our Contract Broadcast Engineer. The folks you see working on the removal and installation are from Public Media Engineering.

Delmarva Public Radio's transmitters are in two locations. WSCL, 89.5 is located in Seaford, Delaware. WSDL, 90.7 is located in Roxana, Delaware. As you can imagine, changing a transmitter is no small task.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of September 26th , 2016

Here are some pictures of WSCL 89.5 FM's  current transmitter, located in Seaford, Delaware.  This transmitter dates back from roughly 1987. Consider this; we are, in 2016, as far from 1987 as 1987 was from 1958! These photos come to us from our Contract Broadcast Engineer, Al Waller.

On this week’s show Mike Quattrociocchi will tell us about the fine art
craft of woodworking. We will hear the Revolutionary War story of Cheney
Clow’s last stand, and naturalist Jim Rapp will tell us about fall
paddling along the waters of the peninsula.

This week on our show we will have the Fall culture preview. We will dip into our archives to hear the story of Denton author Sophie Kerr. And naturalist Dave Wilson along with a couple of his friends will tell us all about one of Maryland’s wildlife icons: the Diamond Backed terrapin.

Rush Starr Rose / SU Exhibition

In the first half of today's program, we take a look at the upcoming anniversary of September 11 and get an assessment of where we are now. In the second half, we look at the life and works of painter Ruth Starr Rose, whose works featuring the live of African Americans are currently on exhibit at Salisbury University through October 29th.


David Mack, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.A.E. in the Reagan Administration

UPDATE:- The Transmitter replacement date has been moved.

During the week of September 19th, Delmarva Public Radio will have its aging and failing FM transmitters replaced with two brand new models.  These new transmitters will improve WSCL’s and WSDL’s signals, sound quality, and allow us to improve our on-air reliability as well.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of September 12th , 2016

In the first half of today's program, we explore the rise of the Alt-Right.  In the second half, Photographer Doug Stevens discusses his two books, "Workin' with the Wind" and "Summer Harvest: Portrait of Commercial Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay".


Brian Tashman- research analyst with People for the American Way

Michael O'Loughlin, Political Science Professor at Salisbury University

Doug Stevens, author of Summer Harvest: Portrait of Commercial Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of September 5th , 2016

With this season of Delmarva in Performance coming to a close, we are happy to announce a new program. Well, a new old favorite, to be precise.  Pipedreams with host Michael Barone will return to the airwaves this Sunday from 6-8PM.

At 8pm, We will re-air WXXI's "With Heart and Voice. 

The Piano Matters with David Dubal will move to 9PM and Millennium of Music will move to 10PM.

Also, by popular demand, "Sing for Joy" and Music and the Spoken Word" will return Sundays from 6-7 AM.

This week we will meet painter Lesley McCaskill. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the national park system we will learn about the beginnings of Delmarva’s premier national park on Assateague Island. And Dave Wilson will bring us his conversation with Lisa Challenger about the importance of nature tourism on Delmarva.

This week's guest is Anne Colwell, author of two books of poetry, Believing Their Shadows and Mothers Maiden Name.  She is also the author of a critical book, Inscrutable Houses: Metaphors of the Body in the Poems of Elizabeth Bishop.

Salisbury University's Cultural Calendar week of August 29, 2016

This week on our show we will hear an encore presentation of our interview with painter Patrick Henry. We will also revisit our stories on the button making industry and the importance of the tomato canning industry in our farming heritage. And we’ll finish up with an all new interview between naturalist Dave Wilson with Jim White of the Delaware Nature Society. They’ll be talking about Delmarva’s beautiful and mysterious dragonflies.