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GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) - A former state Senate candidate accused of molesting a young neighbor more than 25 years ago has been sentenced to one year of probation for unlawful sexual contact.

Fifty-six-year-old Eric Bodenweiser received a suspended sentence Friday of one year in prison for each of two misdemeanors counts. He must register as a sex offender and is barred from unsupervised contact with minors during probation.

It will have taken at least $110 million since 2002 to clean up the Standard Chlorine superfund site left behind by the Metachem Products LLC which declared bankruptcy.

The latest phase will be run $17.4 million to install a thick cap and toxic vapor collection system.

It will cover the 23 acres that is the site's main production area.

Ninety percent of the cleanup costs are being funded by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The state of Delaware is picking up the other 10 percent.

On today's program, we speak with two important and interesting women. Mitzi Perdue discusses her recent book, "Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business & Life Lessons from Frank Perdue".

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - Authorities say a man has died in police custody after officers used a stun gun as they arrested him during a break-in call.

Hagerstown police say officers responding to a 911 call reporting a break-in on Thursday night found a "highly agitated" man in front of the house. Believing the man was under the influence of drugs, police say officers requested an ambulance.


If there is no meeting between Mayor Jim Ireton and Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver by April 28th the Mayor says he will outline a number options to the public on the issue of city fire and EMS service to the county.

Ireton declared, ”You have city taxpayer money and you have to give it back.”

This week the Mayor said that if there is no agreement by July 1st on tax relief for city residents who provide fire and EMS services to the county he will keep those services to within the city limits.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The "emergency" of heroin and opioid abuse in Maryland is getting attention from state lawmakers and health leaders.

Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford's office announced on Thursday that the third of six drug task force summits will be hosted in Calvert County later this month.

Rutherford is the chairman of the Maryland Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force, part of Gov. Larry Hogan's initiative to address the rising number of fatal overdoses in the state - which he declared an emergency.

Sussex County Technical High School

A deal has been struck between Delaware lawmakers and the Sussex County Technical High School.

The state House of Representatives has offered up a plan to restructure the schools finances and enrollment.

The measure would provide for a 5.5 percent property tax increase starting on July 1st in the district.

The following year there would be a 1 cent increase finally capping at 30 cent for $100 of assessed property value.

The increase will cost the average taxpayer nearly $11 by the end of the second year.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - A federal judge in Wilmington has granted the state of Delaware's request to dismiss racial and gender discrimination claims filed by parents of students at a struggling all-girls charter school trying to stave off a second state-ordered closure.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Leonard Stark on Thursday granted the Department of Education's request to dismiss the lawsuit involving predominantly black Reach Academy in New Castle.

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Getting enough students into the classroom has become a problem for three Delaware charter schools.

State officials say that Freire Charter School, Delaware Lab Design Lab High School and Prestige Academy have been placed on formal review.

Freire and Design Lab are brand new.

Prestige has been around for just over a half a dozen years.

The state required charter schools to reach at lead 80 percent enrollment by the first of this month.

This affects the amount of funding they will receive from the state of Delaware.

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GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) - A former state Senate candidate accused of molesting a young neighbor more than 25 years ago is about to learn his fate after pleading no contest to unlawful sexual contact.

Fifty-six-year-old Eric Bodenweiser will be sentenced Friday on two misdemeanors that are punishable by up to one year each in prison but carry a presumptive sentence of probation.

Jaime Wohlbach was fired on Monday as the softball coach for the University of Delaware.

And it is has unleashed a firestorm from the public.

She was dismissed just as the Blue Hens still had 15 games and month to go in the season.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that several former players had high praise for the coach with one former pitcher saying she was shocked.

But the paper also reports that there was some strong support for her dismissal, much of it in social media like Facebook.

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Mayor Jim Ireton has set a deadline of July 1st for Wicomico County to come to an agreement on tax relief for city residents when it comes to providing  city fire and emergency services.

If the deadline is not met those services will no longer be extended beyond the city limits.

That was the message from the Mayor to the City Council yesterday during a discussion of his plans for the 2016 fiscal year.

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Some scientists say that eastern U.S. poultry producers should brace for the potential arrival of a deadly bird flu virus outbreak that farmers in the Midwest have struggled to stop.

The fear is that if the virus isn't already lurking in the Atlantic Flyway, it could spread there this fall when wild ducks fly south for the winter. Donna Carver, extension veterinarian at North Carolina State University, says producers there are preparing for the worst.

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - The minor league Hagerstown Suns are celebrating their 35th season despite a sometimes rocky relationship with the western Maryland city they call home.

The Suns open the season's first home game Thursday with a ceremonial first pitch by former player Dane Anthony. He pitched the team's first game in 1981. He's now the sheriff of nearby Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

The event also includes the introduction of a locally produced craft beer called Bases Loaded from the Antietam Brewery.

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The Delaware Department of Transportation is seeking to get some of the $43 million it spent to repair the I-495 bridge back from those response for the damage to the pilings.

DelDOT officials say that the Alma Properties LLC, Port Contractors and owners of Keogh Contracting will be the main subjects of the financial recovery effort.

In early June state official closed the I-495 Bridge over the Christina River because they had discovered that the span was tilting as a result of the pilings underneath.

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FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (AP) - Rep. Donna Edwards has been endorsed by seven members of the Prince George's County Council in her bid to replace retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

The endorsements were announced Wednesday in Fort Washington.

The endorsements came from Mel Franklin, Derrick Davis, Danielle Glaros, Andrea Harrison, Mary Lehman, Obie Patterson and Karen Toles.

Earlier this week, former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun endorsed Edwards.

Edwards is running against Rep. Chris Van Hollen for the Democratic nomination to run for Mikulski's seat.


The environmental impact report on the explosion of the Antares rocket at Wallops Flight Facility is in.

And, it found that some of the most serious occurred inside the 50 foot crater that saw ground water seep into the hole created by the rocket as it exploded 15 seconds after liftoff.

Around the site there was contamination from perchlorate which is used to make the rocket fuel.

That could pose a risk to the workers.

There were two recommendations.    


Mayor Jim Ireton will lay out his 2016 fiscal budget for the Salisbury City Council this afternoon.

Issues in his spending plan range from the first ever reduction in Urban Service sewer rates and public safety to infrastructure improvements and a new zoo exhibit.

In addition, the Mayor is expected to bring up – what has been called -- the Nuclear Option for Fire Department and EMS service.

The Mayor is seeking tax relief from Wicomico County for duplicative services.

The ubiquitous usage of the term like, even where it is not needed, got Delmarva Public Radio Essayist George Merrill to ponder, what prompts this strange behavior.

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Maryland’s mosquito eradication efforts begin today with aerial spraying operations in Dorchester, Somerset and Worcester counties.

They will hit flooded woodland and fresh water areas to destroy the larvae.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the white aircraft with red and blue strips will fly around 250 feet above the land.

There are around 28-hundred acres of woodland in Dorchester County near Cambridge and another 900 acres of woodland in Somerset County around Dames Quarter and Fairmont.

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Salisbury Police say they've interviewed two people who chased a man who jumped into the Wicomico River and drowned, but they're trying to identify a third.

Police say three people chased 24-year-old Lamar Sheppard of Salisbury after an apparent drug transaction Sunday night. Police say surveillance video shows Sheppard run toward the boat ramp and go into the water himself before his three pursuers arrive, though he couldn't swim.

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Thousands of students are now taking the PAARC exams for the Common Core program. But, as Delmarva Public Radio's Diamond Holton reports there is criticism.

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A federal appeals court has ruled that Walmart can exclude from its 2015 proxy statement a shareholder's proposal to review the sale of some guns.

The appeals court in Philadelphia on Tuesday reversed a 2014 ruling ordering Wal-Mart to include the proposal from Trinity Wall Street Church in New York.

A Delaware judge had declared that the proposal about guns with magazines holding more than 10 rounds should not have been excluded from 2014 proxy materials.

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One time Maryland gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur spoke out against bullying against members of the LGBT community during an appearance on the campus of Salisbury University on Monday.  

It was part of this week’s National Day of Silence on April 17 when students across the nation to highlight the effects of bullying against the community.

Mizeur told the students that every single time she felt awful bout being gay it was because she was listening to some external voice outside of her telling her that it was wrong.

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Senator Chris Coons says he backs the legislation that would allow congress to approve any nuclear arms deal with Iran.

The Delaware Democrat joined his colleagues on the Foreign Relations Committee yesterday to approve the measure.

Coons says that the limit of 30 days for congress to act instead of an earlier proposal of 60 days provides an appropriate structure and time period to look over any agreement.

The White House has said that the President would sign the compromise version of the legislation which got unanimous approval from the committee.

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NEWARK, Del. (AP) - Three incumbents on the Newark City Council have been re-elected.

Mark Morehead in District 1, Todd Ruckle in District 2 and Marge Hadden in District 4 were re-elected Tuesday night, according to results reported by the city.

The results will be certified on Thursday, and the council members will be sworn in on April 21.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford is attending a summit for the Maryland Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force.

Rutherford is scheduled to join Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen on Wednesday in Baltimore.

Rutherford is leading Gov. Larry Hogan's initiative to address the rising rate of fatal overdoses in Maryland. Last month, he attended a task force summit in Elkridge.

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51-year old Douglas Romano who was a teacher at Stephen Decatur Middle School has died in an apparent boating accident.

His body was recovered in the Potomac River yesterday.

He was looking for fossils along the shoreline on Sunday

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that when he did not return his family contacted authorities.

His skiff was discovered overturned near Cobb Island yesterday after a search by the Maryland Natural Resources Police and the U.S. Coast guard.

An official said there were no signs of foul play.